Daith Piercing For Migraine - Is It Helpful?

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Migraine is a painful neurological condition in which the patient goes through a series of headaches and other severe symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and extreme sensitivity to light and noise. Various temporary migraine treatments are available in the market in the form of medicines; however, an ancient acupuncture technique, "Daith Piercing for migraine," has turned out to be beneficial for the long-term prevention of migraine.

There is substantial patient data to support its effectiveness.

Here is what you should know about it!

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What Is Daith Piercing?

As the name indicates, daith piercing is basically an old acupuncture-based technique in which the small cartilage of the ear connected to the ear canal is pierced.

Wearing delicate jewellery is preferred, such as stylish earrings to keep the hole intact.

Though it may seem a bit painful initially, you can proceed further to seek out the piercings if you have access to an expert acupuncturist.

He will pierce a small curvy portion of your ear, which will definitely help reduce migraine symptoms.

This technique has become immensely popular among migraine patients, and now more and more people are using it for long-term relief.

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What Is The Connection Between Daith Piercings and Migraine?

Triggering specific points with the needles can do wonders, and this is how daith piercing for migraine works.

According to the Chinese medicine-based approach, various parts in the body relate to the specific points in the body. Applying this concept, there is a small region in the ear connected to our neurological and digestive system, which causes relief in migraine symptoms when pierced.

Only an expert acupuncturist knows how to find that spot precisely and how the right piercing can help relieve pain and other migraine symptoms. Remember that it can cause a bit of pain and irritation when pierced; it is better to cover it with small and elegant jewellery to look beautiful and provide long-term relief from migraine symptoms.

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Is Daith Piercing An Effective Remedy Against Migraine?

Although there is no significant scientific evidence for this treatment to be effective, there is enough patient data to support it. A case study was conducted in 2017 when the patients who opted for daith piercing observed evident relief in migraine symptoms. 

However, there is also a slight possibility that the positive results after the Daith Piercing may have placebo effects. The placebo effects occur when a patient goes through inactive treatment in which triggering one portion of the body has a psychological impact on other parts of the body. 

However, experiments on the patients are enough to believe that it is an effective technique and has the potential to reduce migraine significantly as well as the symptoms associated with it.

The best part?
Various case studies have proved that Daith Piercing is also effective for patients with headaches since childhood or whose medical history includes head traumas.

However, do not forget to buy the earring before you go for Daith Piercing for migraines.

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